Monday, October 5, 2009

Red & Purple Wedding - Part 3, Centerpieces

If you are able to hark back to Part 2 of the Red and Purple Wedding posts, you will recall I told you to keep an eye on the flowers on the stage.

Well, during the cocktail hour we had to change the room over from ceremony to reception, so the able Mechanics' Hall staff disassembled the chuppah while we took the flowers from the stage and reset them atop pilsner style vases for the dinner table centerpieces. We always encourage the repurposing of ceremony flowers to get the maximum usage for the dollar, but this was a little different in that the chuppah flowers were not reused at the reception, but the reception flowers were incorporated into the ceremony.

Same idea, but backwards!

Up close you can see that the carnation theme continued to the tables! Feathers and wire and beads...

...and sparkle and lighted orbs - oh my! This wedding had it all! At our first meeting I was told that this wedding was a Party, with a capital P, more than a wedding and they had it all.

The real design challenge in creating these arrangements was trying to create something that fit the client's request of no greenery showing but also not having a smooth pave look. It took a couple tries, but I think we achieved what the clients wanted.

Definitely not your typical wedding!


Flower Design Jane said...

Quite Fabulous

INTRIGUE - floral design & decor said...

What did you use as the light in the center? I love the glowing orb

Sprout said...

Customer brought the orbs in - she said she got them at She had lots of ideas, almost like she had been saving them up for a long time, and when we got to the orbs I finally got her to stop and stick with one. They glowed in a bunch of colors - we set them at the fade from red to purple to blue setting, but there were many more options. Pretty neat!

Jon said...

Hello, I'm the groom from this wedding. It was awesome! Jenn could not stop talking about her bouquet! She took about 700 pictures of it the day after. I have my robot on my desk and the flowers have dried out nicely. So many people commented on it! Thanks again for everything! ~ Jon


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