Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Party - Corporate Event

So this is what a party looks like 2 hours before it starts - linens in a heap, chairs scattered all over, flowers clumped up, glassware in dishracks, china in milkcrates - it looks like chaos but it always comes together.

Wish I could have gotten some good pics with the tables all set, but it was either get there 2 hours early and hope things were running ahead, or get there later and get stuck in the mass exodus of Umass Medical School employees at quitting time. Since it can take 15 minutes in traffic just to get to the road, I opted for the former.

I loved these centerpieces! Can I say that, since I made them? Oh, well, my blog - I can say what I want! Any how, I'm grooving on the fall colors lately and these made me really happy.

The orange iridescent pintuck linen looks amazing with the almost terra cotta amaryllis. Not a flower I generally think for for fall, but I saw them at the flower market and I had to have them. Did a little ribbon and wire treatment to the vases to dress them up a bit. My "thing" of the moment. ;-)

There's a hint of a white hydrangea underneath everything, with cream stock for scent, spotted mokara orchids, roses, hypericum berries, and what may turn out to be some of the last dahlias of the season. I'm thinking we have to offer a look like this for Thanksgiving - what say you?

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Bree said...

oooohhhh I say.
Those look GREAT!


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