Thursday, September 3, 2009

Keeping in the Public Eye

I try to talk up everything floral that crosses my mind, but sometimes you just have to talk up yourself! I never knew how important this was until I opened my shop. Marketing, public relations, networking, getting out there, staying in the public eye - it never crossed my mind when I first started that this was important to a tiny little flower shop. That stuff is for the big guys, right?

Wrong. It's probably even more important if you're the little fish in the big pond.

That said, we've been in the local media a couple times recently. There's a business profile of Sprout in the Worcester Business Journal, and we were also in the most recent issue of Worcester Living Magazine, having been voted Best Florist in Worcester for the second year running.

I stress about the interviews (and yes, the photos - will you see my double chin, can he make my hips look thinner, I should have gotten a'll have to buy a copy of Worc. Living if you want to see my photo...Tom Rettig is awesome!) and it's nearly impossible for me to read what anyone writes about me - it's too surreal, like the words have some out of someone else's mouth. Hopefully I don't sound silly!

Any how, here I am tooting my own horn on my own vehicle for said tooting - I hope it's not too much! I promise to be full of myself for only another minute. ;-)

PS Just saw last night we also got a nice mention in The Pulse Magazine's College Issue - thanks so much!

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