Monday, September 7, 2009

Gloucester Wedding

A local customer of ours had a family wedding in Gloucester and we were happy to be included as one of their vendors!

The groom's family home, perched on a cliff overlooking the water was the setting. A tropical storm blew through the day before, and the morning began raw and gray, but by the time we were packed up and leaving, the sun was beginning to peak out. Big smiles!

The ceremony was set facing the ocean and with a view like that, you really don't need much in the way of decor, so a smattering of rose petals to brighten up the aisle and a pair of grass plants to frame the happy couple were the only touches needed.

The tented reception was a clambake and with all the extra doodads that come with that (Think pails for bibs, lobster shells, crackers and picks, and butter...mmmmm...butter! OK, stop thinking!), there was not going to be much room for centerpieces, so bowls of sand and shells accented with flowers and greenery brought a spot of color to the tables.

I'm going to pause here briefly so you all can stop for a moment and take a look at the tent picture again. Pretty blue table cloths, right? Nothing too fancy, no damask or pintuck here, just a nice crisp poly-cotton.

Now look again. Can you picture this same photo with white linens? Would it even look remotely the same? No, I don't think so. I love flowers, I would love to sell everyone lots and lots of flowers, but even with lots more flowers, with white linens in a white tent, it would be well, rather white, don't you think? Unless white is your theme color, you should always consider renting linens in a color when you're in a space as blank as a white tent. After the space itself, the next largest things in there are the table cloths. Think about it.


I mean it. :-)

Back to our show!

Bride's bouquet of 'Gelosia' roses and local hydrangea. Those blue hydrangea of summer are starting to get that bluey-greeny-purpley tinge to them. I love when there's some variation in tone, so much more subtle and interesting!

These two photos were taken back at the shop. We had to make way too many wrist corsages for the wedding party! (Only a florist will understand...) All kinds of bright summer colors, no two alike, zinnias, dendrobium, kangaroo paw, spray roses, craspedia...

...and tiny, tiny seashells!

We sell seashells down by the seashore...!

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Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

Gorgeous!!! Why doesn't my groom's family have a home with an ocean view?!?! What was I thinking?

That is certainly a lot of corsages!

I am also a steward of linens- they make everything come together- dare I say I spent just as much on my linens as I did my flowers!!!


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