Thursday, September 10, 2009

Color Harmony - A Red and Purple Wedding - The Wedding Party

OK, here are the first pictures from our recent HUGE wedding! I'm going to do this in stages, since it was rather involved and will take me some time to do.

First up - the bride. Our self described "princess" bride adores purple and especially purple carnations! I know, when was the last time you heard a bride say, yes, please give me lots and lots of carnations?!

Well, we were happy to oblige. There are these fabulous purple carnations out right now gaining popularity, by Florigene. They've been genetically altered to be these amazing shades of purple. They're smaller than your average carnation, I suppose something gets lost in the altering, but the colors are incredible! (OK, so I'm a total sucker for purple!)

For the bride,we chose the second darkest shade of purple as I was concerned that the darkest one would photograph black. It's really deep.

She also requested bling! Woo! This girl likes everything sparkly, so we put various crystals in her bouquet and also embellished the handle of her bouquet with rhinestone bands.

The maids were in a wine colored chiffon, which really married the red and purple tones. Each girl's bouquet was different, some a little redder, some more purple, with a great assortment of flowers - roses, gerbera, stock, ranunculus, statice, dahlias, and of course - carnations!

Ti leaves with a burgundy edge finished off the bouquets. The pics here are not very true in color, at least not on my monitor, because all of those red flowers were a true Valentine's Day red, with none of the pink tones that I see here.

Rounding out the wedding party pics, we have a sweet nosegay for the mother of the bride with red dahlias, the darkest purple carnations, silver tinted seeded eucalyptus, and eggplant uluhue fern curls tied with platinum ribbon...

...and the best for last! The groom's boutonniere - a robot pin with a grevillea and globe amaranth accent. The groom wanted something non-flowery and they found the robot pin which is perfect for him as robot building is one of his hobbies!

A lot of personality this couple!

More posts to come...!


Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

Yeah carnations! Gorgeous!

Veronica said...

Wow!! How lovely!

Sprout said...

Thanks! 2750 carnations in all! More carnations to come.......


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