Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Urban Garden Abandoned - Montreal

On this summer's trip to Montreal, I insisted that we go see a garden we saw in 2006 in the Old Port right along the water. In 2006 it was a phenomenal show garden, 30 or 40 designers, edgy, exciting, reclamation of a rather blah urban space alongside empty grain silos.

Much to my disappointment, not only was none of the garden maintained post-show, but you couldn't even access the space. This area along the canal on Old Montreal is filled with tourists and residents making good use of the bike paths and parks. I can't imagine they wouldn't use and enjoy this space just as much as the others if they were allowed.

Click here to see what it looked like in 2006 to appreciate the difference.

I don't think it even needs to retain all the clever arty-ness it had in 2006, even just the swathe of green alongside the industrial is a breath of fresh air. But it's a shame that there appears to be no access at all.

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