Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Unexpected Wedding Guests

So when you book your wedding, you might want to inquire of your venue what other events are going on the same day as your wedding. If seeing a fleet of Harleys always makes memories flood back of the bad boy who broke your heart (well before you met the one!), maybe you'd like to know that in advance so you could be prepared.

Nothing against bikes, this crowd was pretty quiet when I was setting up the wedding and you couldn't hear them inside the ballroom at all, but it could just have easily been a classic car convention occupying all the parking spots (been there), or a beauty pageant, or rodeo cowboys (seen that), or hundreds or little leaguers in town for a tournament (seen that too). If you think swarms of any particular group of people might put a damper on your day, it might help to check in advance so you don't have any surprises.

I'm hoping this week's bride got a spin on one of these bikes! What a great photo op that would have been!


Michelle May said...

I hope you had a riot of color on as you took this photo amidst the biker mayhem. I would have liked to see you taking pictures.can't wait to party at the woo and wed.

Sprout said...

Pretty sure I had purple on ( match the wedding...)!


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