Thursday, August 20, 2009

SLOW ART at Worcester Art Museum

Those of you who know me know I love all things arty from Flora in Winter, Art in Bloom, to Sculptured Blooms, and I especially love all the arty things at the Worcester Art Museum.

Well, my friend in all things arty, Michelle May of Cirque du Noir renown and Pecha Kucha, is hosting an event at the Worcester Art Museum called Slow Art. It's an opportunity for you to join with like minded individuals to stop and really look at art. Yeah, sure, you've looked at art, but did you know on average folks spend 8 seconds looking at an artwork in a museum?

Slow Art wants to challenge you to look for 10 minutes, maybe even an hour, at a piece of art. I know I've rushed through the galleries myself, often trying to get to that one piece I must see. When I prep for Flora in Winter, that's when I really stop and look at a piece. I try to see line, rhythm, balance, color, movement - you know, all that stuff you learned in school!

Slow Art takes place at the Worcester Art Museum (as well as many others around the country, maybe even the world!) on October 17 2009.

To learn more, check out Michelle's blog - don't forget to look at other pages on her site while you're there, for more about inspiration and creativity!

1 comment:

Michelle May said...

Cathy, your sign looks amazing! Serrato just decaled all the girls helmets for Nationals for free. I love those guys!

Thank you so much for the lovin spoonfuls. Slow Art, Cirque and Pecha Kucha...trying to make it happen and only can with people like you by my side. You are quite an inspiration of mine.


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