Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sample Centerpiece - October Wedding

A few quick shots of a sample centerpiece we recently did for a fall wedding, so you won't think this has turned into a gardening blog! I should be getting plenty of wedding action going in the blog soon, as we are booked solid for the next three months, but we just didn't have any going on in July this year.

Just as well, considering how much it rained! Maybe we should bill ourselves as the "good weather florists" (knock wood!)?

Back to flowers - this arrangement needed to be budget friendly and fulfill the bride's oxymoronic request of wildflowers and elegant. Two words that aren't generally put together to describe a wedding; it's usually one or the other.

She was pretty pleased with the sample, so I guess we succeeded!

When working up budget friendly concepts, it pays to be open minded as this couple was. I explained that foliages are one way to give not only visual depth but also size to the arrangement while keeping on track money-wise. That lovely glossy aspidistra leaf on the left costs less than just one of the dahlias and look at how much work it does! It gives you size, weight, and as much or even more visual importance as a flower, or really several flowers. If I removed the leaf and replaced it with one of the golden yarrow of equal cost, would the arrangement still have the same impact? I think not.

Something to consider when you are planning your centerpieces, no?

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