Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Purple Dahlia Wedding

This is what a purple dahlia wedding looks like packed into the Subaru! I'd be pretty happy to see it packed with purple flowers every day. :-)

The Subaru is perfect for delivering most things, even small to medium sized weddings. It makes so much sense to use the least amount of vehicle you can get away with using. I know many florists who routinely use mini vans and even cargo vans for small deliveries. It makes no sense to me to use something that wastes so much fuel when there are plenty of alternatives out there that get far better mileage. We rent bigger when we need to, but we certainly don't need that every day.

Ah, but you're not here to listen to me talk about transportation - you want to see flowers! Here are some of the men in the wedding party along with the mother of the groom (also known as MOG, in floral parlance).

The guys sported a simple purple dahlia on their lapels. No leaves, no fluff, no wire and tape. Per order of the bride. Just a flower and pins. It was quite the trick to get them pinned on without the additional support provided by wire and tape. Actually it made me quite nervous, I was worried about the heads popping right off. So we provided an extra box of blossoms for "just in case". It feels good to be prepared for all contingencies.

You'll notice the men's ties and pocket squares look blue. They were, what we call around the Worcester area, "Holy Cross" purple, or royal purple to the rest of the world. I find purple a tricky color to photograph, things tend to come out more blue or more red. I have no idea why, so if you do, please let me know!

Bride, in purple, and maids, in white, were just very simple clutches of dahlias. Our bride just wanted a few blooms offset with casual greenery.

Very informal in style, a "just picked" look.

Centerpieces were just simple bowls of dahlias, all shades of purple and white. The linens, in person, looked a little more on the navy to purple side than this photo, but it all went together to make quite the purple display.

Headtable got a simple low centerpiece, with a little greenery accent.

Francoise and I kept humming to ourselves the whole time we were working on this wedding as working with dahlias makes us pretty happy. Eventually we made up a few lyrics to "Diamonds" (are a girl's best friend). Hum along with us now!

"Dahlias" (are a bride's best friend)

A rose in the hand may be quite continental
But dahlias are a bride's best friend.
A rose may be grand but it won't pay the rental
on your humble flat, or help you at the automat.
Men grow cold as roses grow old
and we all lose our charms in the end.
But pom-pom or plate-shaped
these blooms don't lose their shape
Dahlias are a bride's best friend!


Monday Morning Flowers said...


Flower Design Jane said...

Love the purple Dahlias, I'm with you on how worrying it is not to wire buttonholes.

h for hellebores said...

Mmmm... dahlias are one of the best things about late summer

Bree said...

Hey! I had my pink dahlia wedding this Saturday and I should have called you for this song, heehee!
Those purple dahlias you used are to die for!
How ever did you/they get those dahlias one without wire???

Sprout said...

Borrow the song any time!

Yes, the bouts were PITA - took 3 pins each to get them on, and even them I'm not convinced they were going to stay. It's nice to have that informal feel, but structure does matter.

jessica maria said...

Just came across this post - I'm the bride :) Loved the flowers, thank you for all your help! I had no idea about the pins/boutineers being a problem - they ended up staying on all night, though!


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