Friday, August 21, 2009

Pretty in Pink Wedding - Mechanics Hall

This wedding was all about being a girl; sorry guys! The bride carried a simple round bouquet of creamy whites and light pinks - we have several kinds of roses, dahlias, stephanotis, nerine, and the finishing touch of jasmine.

I never discussed the possibility of jasmine with the bride, as it never even occurred to me to offer it. It's not widely available and frankly I don't even know when it's "jasmine season". But I saw it in the flower market and with its starry white blossoms and delicate pink buds, it seemed like the perfect match for our pink and white bride.

When I presented the bouquet to the bride, I warned her that I had incorporated something we hadn't discussed. I had scissors in hand ready to cut the jasmine out if she said no. No harm, no foul, no hurt feelings. But she smiled and said she loved it! Yay! Yay for taking a chance - both me and her!

Bridesmaids had complimentary bouquets in shades of pink, wrapped with pewter satin ribbon to coordinate with their dresses. I have to say, I liked the pewter fabric of the dresses; it had a crinkly quality. We had hoped to use it to wrap the bouquets, but there just wasn't enough, so ribbon had to suffice.

Detail photo of the maids' bouquet - several shades of pink roses, my fave being "Hot Escimo", pink tweedia, bouvardia, nerine, and true amaryllis variety "Naked Lady". That's the pink lily shaped blossom in the lower right of the bouquet. The large trumpet shaped blooms that grow from bulbs around Christmas that we call amaryllis are really hippeastrum. Confused? Don't worry about it!

Some classic altar flowers - I got to listen to the bride's college choir rehearse while I was setting up the church. I just love choir music! I may have to have a choir rider in my wedding contracts!!!

And then it's on to Mechanics Hall for the reception. This bowl and blossom was the finishing touch on the cocktail tables. I have to say, sometimes I like simple little cocktail things best. I enjoy making them and I don't know, I think a single blossom, or maybe two, forces you to look at the individual flower and appreciate it. The art of some arrangements can lie in the beauty of the blossom and not the designer's touch.

The centerpieces had these amazing pink hydrangeas from the Netherlands! You really almost didn't need any other flowers. :-)

There are still a couple of these hydrangeas kicking around the shop - I may have to take them home, they remind me of cotton candy!


Claudia Snell said...

Very beautiful - as always.

Nicely done!

Claudia Snell said...

Very beautiful - as always!

Nice work Sprout!

Flower Design Jane said...

Love the shades, aren't Dahlias & Nerines lovely at the moment

Janet said...

First of all, pink tweedia!?! My wholesaler hasn't even heard of white tweedia! How am I supposed to keep up with you? ;)

And I love the jasmine in the bridal bouquet! It's like the frosting on a cake!

It's all gorgeous!

Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

Gorgeous! I love the bouquets with the jasmine!

Sprout said...

Ladies, thank you all!

The jasmine really was the icing... and as for the pink tweedia - this was the first time I had seen it. They said it was new in from Japan.

Bree said...

Sweet! Tthe pink "naked ladies" are EVERYWHERE in San Francisco right now and I wondered how they would do in a bouquet and you answered my question :) It's a beautiful bouquet Sprout!


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