Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pink & Green Wachusett Wedding

Everyone loved these bride's maids' bouquets while they were in the cooler and here they are all packed up and ready to go. For some reason the word "fetching" just popped to mind! They feature baby green hydrangea, gerbera, four types of roses, 'Athos' poms, dracena godseffiana foliage (those have the polka dots on them), and green echinacea.

Little clutches of roses for the moms. This look is very popular right now for the mothers as no one wants to pin flowers on their dresses any more and the wrist corsage doesn't work for every look either.

The bride! (As if you couldn't tell!) She wanted mostly white and ivory with just a few light pink spray roses. In addition, there were dahlias, garden roses, hydrangea, more polka dot leaves, and pieris which are the trailing flowers that formed a bit of a cascade.

Altar flowers - it's very important to find out what works in your church's setting. There are so many different churches and what works in one won't work in another. Very few, for instance, allow the flowers right up on the altar table as this one does.

There was just enough time for a quick shot at the Wachusett Village Inn reception. I was dodging tropical summer downpours at every delivery stop and mountain fog, and the inn had me park illegally to make the delivery so I was anxious to get going.

Wishing the bride and groom nothing but sun and blue skies, and hopefully they got a rainbow on their wedding day!


Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

How pretty! I love the bride's bouquet with the trailing bits.

apotheca said...

I agree! That bouquet is INCREdible--the movement, the texture, the color...awesome.

I think maybe I have seen you in Boston? I'm a terrible morning person (brain is a little groggy) but the next time I think it's you I'm gonna say something....

Sprout said...

I'm in Boston nearly every Weds. 6:30ish - 8:30 - start at Jacobsons, then Berry's and then work my way over to flowers.

It's not my best time of day either! Sorry if I'm oblivious.. ;-)


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