Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Orange Wedding - Butternut Farm Golf Club

We had a couple weddings this week - both brides with the same name - Emily and Emilie! Talk about a little confusing...but fortunately they were completely different women personality-wise and their flowers were completely different as well with one in orange and one in pink.

Orange first! Boutonnieres were sweet little orange spray roses with a yellow zinnia accent. You all know how much I love zinnias, so these made me happy to no end!

Our bride wanted an all orange bouquet with lighter orange being the dominant shade. Yes, light orange is also known as peach!

We got some phenomenal peach garden roses as well as mokara orchids, gerbera, roses both spray and standard, and dahlias.

Maids were in blue dresses, so brighter orange tones with yellows made for a stunning combo!

One very orange wedding, packed to go!

The tables at Butternut Farm Golf Club in Stow MA, were set with half using centerpieces and half using the venue's cut glass hurricanes with small floral accents.

Lovely pale orangey yellow buttercream cake by Gretchen at Enchanted Wedding Cakes. I'm sure this tastes as good as it looks!

A beautiful sunny day for a beautiful sunny bride (with a few sunny flowers) !


Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

What a gorgeous wedding!

That bouquet is as appetizing as a dreamscicle! I want to lick it! ;)

How many attendants did she have?

The cake also looks phenomenal.
I used to be very anti yellow and orange now they are quickly becoming my favorites!

Sprout said...

Now I wanted a Dreamcicle! Or a bathtub of ice - it's HOT here! Ugh.

There were 4 maids, all in blue. Bride told me navy, but it really was a shade or two brighter/lighter than navy, maybe a twilight blue, you know the color just before night?

I love navy for a summer wedding, it's so crisp and fresh. Perfect for the stronger light of summer!


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