Friday, August 14, 2009

Inspiration - Dynamic vs.Static

While in Montreal recently, we had the opportunity to observe and enjoy many different types of public spaces. Now, a month later, looking through the album has me thinking about what it is we did and didn't enjoy and why, and how that relates to other creative endeavors.

This first urban garden has a few not very significant trees and a lot of grasses. How I loved the grasses! I know they're super trendy at the moment, but the soft rustling ssshhhsshh sound against the city hubbub and the touchable textures all make it such an appealing space. There's movement!

We walked through this park several times, took in the rush of water, grassy sitting spots, and shade on a summer day, but it was the meandering curves beneath our feet I think that made this spot enjoyable. It moved the way we moved, unhurried, randomly.

And then we came to this park. I can appreciate the linear, graphic quality of this space, as well as the tribute it pays to the former rail station that it is next to, but it didn't make me or anyone else want to be in it. There was no life there, in spite of all the green. Only one block off the very touristy Old Montreal area, you would think it would be full of weary people resting their feet or looking for a bit of shade, but it was a rather forbidding spot.

The dynamic and the static frequently come up in floral design. We are always making choices that relate to this dichotomy. How does the eye move through the arrangement? Is there a visual "resting" place? Do I want a rigid line or a flowing line? Do I want a line at all? Is the structure the subject matter, or is it just a support? Is there push and pull or stillness?

There is no one always right or always wrong way to use the dynamic and static forces in a flower arrangement, just as in a park, but the thoughtful arrangement will have at least considered them.


Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

Love the grasses!
The last picture doesn't even look "real" you know what I mean?

Sprout said...

I do know what you mean. Obviously some thought and work went into it, but it's a dead space.


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