Thursday, August 6, 2009

Greening the Mean Streets of Worcester

The streets are mean...

If every other day, someone smashes jars of sweet and sour sauce in front of the Asian owned nail salon next door, is it a hate crime? (I'd post a picture, but it's pretty gross.)

Does it make a difference if a 10 year old does it?

And who keeps a case of sweet and sour sauce at home?


Flower Design Jane said...

There are many gross things that I control my urge to post, why are some people so disrespecetful?

Love your blog it's fabulous

Sprout said...

I don't get it either, why people bother to ruin things that don't belong to them, or possibly enjoy doing something destructive. It brings everything down to that level.

Is that what they want? They don't know how to rise above circumstances, or life, and just want to see everyone else brought down?


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