Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ecclectic Zukas Barn Wedding

OK, I l-o-v-e this bouquet! This may be my favorite bouquet of the season so far, so I'm giving you several pictures.

I really enjoyed this subtle but sophisticated color palette of ivory, brown, green, and lavender. There were yummy creamy garden roses which smelled amazing! Also, dendrobium orchids, dahlias, hypericum berries, mini callas, pieris (the stuff that reminds you of lily of the valley), berzelia berries, and these amazing roses with names like 'Blizzard', 'Cool Ocean', 'Amnesia', and 'Quicksand'.

In my next floral life, I want to name flower colors!

I love the movement and bounce that the pieris gave to the bouquet! It's a tricky, expensive little flower (not lily of the valley expensive, but more than you'd expect) that sometimes turns rusty when you least expect it or drops its tiny blossoms all over the place, but so cool if it all works out which it did here. :-)

There was just the one bridesmaid and she carried baby green hydrangeas, green dendrobium orchids, hypericum berries, green echinacea, heleborus, and several of those amazing roses!

This is a good close up showing the garden roses (up top), 'Quicksand' rose (that's the beigey one at the bottom), the pieris (which you might recognize as the shrub andromeda), and right in the center the green echinacea.

Echinacea in green was new to me. I think we're used to seeing it in the pink and referring to it as coneflower.

I don't know if the bride got to walk down the aisle to the gazebo. The weather was very dramatic this weekend with sudden torrential downpours and it came down in buckets as we got back to the shop, just as the bride was to walk down the aisle.

Always be happy with your Plan B if you're doing an outdoor wedding in New England!

Detail of the gazebo flowers - more of all those fabulous, subtle colored roses!

I rarely get to see the bride all dressed up so this was a treat! They did pictures beforehand, which probably turned out to be a good thing with the changeable weather.

You'll notice quite a bit of green stem showing at the base of the bouquet handle. I insist on delivering handtied bouquets in a vase with a smidge of water, and with the unbearable weather we had, these bouquets needed more than a smidge.

And the groom! Let's not forget him, it was his day too! And I took a picture of the happy groom's mom, but she was backlit and it didn't come out - sorry Carol!

Photog getting some farm shots in before the weather got ugly.

I'm sure you're wondering what makes this wedding eclectic, because so far it's been about subtle and sophisticated. Well, keep on scrolling down...

This was a case of the ceremony and reception having two totally different looks. The reception was all about a bright, fun, hot tropical party!

I'll tell you, these centerpieces were a challenge. First off, how do you get a wreath ring to go around the wide wire base of this tree? Well, you get out the sabre saw and cut the wreaths in half, that's how! Bet you didn't know that working with "pretty flowers" also meant using power tools from time to time, did you?

The set up for this event was more involved than most, as we had to wire orchids onto the Zukas Barn's trees in the stifling hot tent, while trying to keep the wreath rings cool in the air conditioned van. Then set up the two halves of the wreaths, and then go back and touch them up with additional foliage and flowers.

The wreath halves were designed to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, so we aimed to keep each half with its mate, but that's not how they wanted to fit in the van! Anyhow, we prepared for the possibility of touch ups by bringing extra flowers and tropical leaves. Francoise and I worked like crazy ladies but hopefully didn't look like crazy ladies!

Although, I think crazy is definitely part of the definition of florist. ;-)


Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

Simply, amazingingly, stunningly fabulous!

I love the amnesia rose- so subtle and with such a nice fragrance.

The reception decor is amazing and totally unexpected!

I don't think that's too much stem showing- we deliver our bouquets in vases too and I like the stems showing...

Janet said...

Those bouquets are absolutely delicious! I used amnesia roses this weekend too! I'll have to get a picture up on my blog...

Jaime MacFall said...

I love this setting and the bouquets are gorgeous! I'm planning a wedding in the area for this year, care to share the location of this ceremony?

Sprout said...

Thanks Jaime! It's Zukas Hilltop Barn in Spencer MA. The link is under the last photograph of the post.


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