Thursday, July 30, 2009


Zinnias are in!!! I know you've heard it from me before, but zinnias are one of my favorite flowers. Just see the photo at the bottom of this page.

I think my earliest flower memory is of zinnias. I remember growing them from seed when I was 6. Zinnias and radishes. We had moved from an apartment complex to a duplex and finally had our own yard, tiny as it was, and my mom and I were ready for planting!

So I chose some gaudy zinnias and radishes as my firsts. You always remember your first!

The zinnias were a little scrawny but hey, they grew. As did the radishes. I discovered I didn't really like radishes, they were too hot for my fussy WonderBread palette, but they grew - and that was what counted.

So now, I can hardly be contained when I see zinnias are available, exuberant, crayon colored, child-like zinnias!

And I did learn to like radishes.
In moderation. ;-)

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Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

I like zinnias too but not as much as dahlias!
My first flower bed my mom let me plant up was with marigolds. She had two flats worth of them and told me I could plant up this 1 ft round circle using the marigolds...well I worked really hard to fit them all in- turns out I was only supposed to use a few, so she taught me how to read the tags and the importance of spacing...however my bed was the most bountiful one in the garden.

PS I hate radishes and threw up in a buffet line after eating one when I was little- was that TMI?



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