Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Twig - Boston

Sunday was the loveliest day of the summer so far and rather than spend it indoors doing domestic stuff (it will still be here - it's always here!), we went for a stroll through Boston's South End.

I was thrilled to walk down Dartmouth Street, a street I drive down once a week at 6:00am on my way to the flower market, and see Twig, a flower shop which always catches my eye, was open!

It's a shop after my own heart with nothing but fresh flowers and a few related gift items. No balloons, teddy bears, or tschotschkes. Simply flowers all on display within reach. It's always fun to visit other people's shops, see what they're doing and how they do it, talk some shop if there's time, and just over all get inspired and invigorated to go back to my own shop.

The flowers are recut and water changed daily for the best in freshness and they're mere blocks from the flower market so I'm sure it's constantly restocked!

Had a nice chat about business things with the woman who was working Sunday - so sorry I forgot your name! Silly me didn't bring a notebook for bloggy things. I should have known better.

We talked about how the economy has affected us all, even in the higher end neighborhood of the South End. But we persevere, there for those of you who love flowers. :-)

Plan a stop at Twig the next time you're wandering the South End in Boston! They have two locations, one on Dartmouth Street another on Tremont.

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