Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guerrilla Gardening Update - Success!

Today sunflowers were spotted! Finally!!! On Carlisle Street, right around the corner from the shop. Team Francoise and Jan tossed a couple seed bombs here. Not the biggest and mightiest of sunflowers, but they have wrestled Mother Nature and the urban environment and survived.

I've been checking the spots I bombed from time to time, as I know some of the other seed bombers have been doing, and so far none of us has had any success to report until today. Now that I see how, ahem, scrawny these plants are, I think I need to revisit some of the seed bomb locales. I had visions of mammoth towering plants, but I might have to set my sights a little lower. Literally.

At least one of our bomb sites has been mowed, so who knows what might have grown there and some of our seed bomb locations are just choked to death with weeds, even the small trees of secondary succession. Not sure if our seed mix could possibly compete with that, but who knew? I don't think any of us anticipated how ginormous some of the vegetation would get way back in the beginning in May.

But we learn!

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