Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Greening the Mean Streets of Worcester

A quick update on our streetside plants:

As you can see the ones in the sidewalk aren't doing so hot. About half of them were just gone when we got back form vacation. No evidence as to what happened...

If the alley people would just leave our alocasias alone, they'd be doing great, but the plant on the left has been completely denuded of leaves and the one to the right also has some missing leaves.

On the plus side, the sweet potato vines are starting to grow finally and with a little more warm weather should cover the dented planters pretty quickly.

Do you have any suggestions for city sturdy plants that will stand up to the rigors of the urban jungle?


Paulie's Point of View said...

don't give up Sprout!

I eat across the street once a week and sometimes I sit out on the chairs so that I can look at the weeds around the trees out front....I always glance at your side and smile...think to myself what I see that the owner of the diner does not...he has a nice place to sit and instead of making it attractive to his customers..he lets the weeds grow.

I saw the gang of kid's out front of your store this weekend..I wish I saw one of em' touching your plants..I'd plant one on them:>)

Sprout said...

Thanks for the encouragement - I've not given up, but it's discouraging, so I vent. I still harbor thoughts of planting things that will give a nice rash.

There's a group of good kids who we love - our Sprouties! And then some not so wonderful other kids...fell free to plant something on them!

I'm very tempted to put signs up -

"What makes you think it's OK to wreck other people's stuff?"

"I don't sell plants in your alley, don't sell drugs in front of my store."

"Why would you destroy beauty that's for everyone (even you, stupid) to enjoy?"

Husband will have a cow if I use the 2nd one!


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