Sunday, July 12, 2009

Greening the Mean Streets of Worcester - Paulie's NOLA Jazz & Blues Festival

I know this seems like it has nothing to do with flowers or plants but bear with me -

A few quick shots of what one man,

with a plan,

and a strong will,

can accomplish in his community.

And here's that man - Paul Collyer.

For the second year, he has put on a jazz and blues festival. This, in itself, may not seem remarkable, but what you need to know is that he holds this music festival in his yard and in a neighboring business's parking lot, in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Worcester, and does it to fund raise for charity. Paul has this vision of what Worcester could be, but instead of being one of those people who talks about change, he decided he could be the change.

So today was a great day of music -

- and food - crawfish and gumbo and po' boys oh my! -

- and great people!

I am thrilled to have met the infamous Harry T., no longer just a virtual person, but a real person! Not that I'll be able to recognize him in the supermarket... ;-)

And this is where the flowers come in - Paulie and the Chandler Business Association have worked hard to make tiny improvements in their neighborhood, which includes the benches and planters you see here.

It's about taking steps, even small steps, to making your world a better place. Plant a flower or an idea, nurture it, watch it bloom, share, repeat. :-)


Paulie's Point of View said...

thanks Sprout....those are very kind was a team effort and I am lucky to be on it have:>)

Sprout said...

Just as the city is lucky to have you - many thanks for a great time!

Michelle May said...

had a wedding, so i missed out. have to meet this paulie cath...nice job. i blogged it too.

Sprout said...

MM - Hope the wedding went well!

Got to shake the man of the hour's hand, hope he reschedules his blogger brunch so I can really bend his ear.


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