Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Greening the Mean Streets of Worcester

This is my plant display for my storefront, as I left it as I went on vacation. This planter by the creepy alley has been vandalized 3 times so far this season. You can see dead broken leaves on my alocasia. We had to replant the sweet potato once already.

The planters along my windows have been mostly left alone - so far. Not sure if you can see how dented my containers are from the past year of people deciding plant boxes are fun to crush and bend. I'm also not too crazy about how the zinc weathered, but for what it cost I'm not replacing it any time soon.

This is one of the empty squares in the sidewalk I've taken upon my self to plant. Should have a tree in it, but the city did a poor job of that several years ago and never fixed it.

Anyone up in the northeast knows how little sun and warmth we've had this season...rainy day after rainy day. My coleus and zebra grass, while alive, are not thriving. They need some warmth - we all do!

First day on vacation and you can see one of the coleus has been stomped. I planted a thunbergia trellis last year that also got stomped, so I decided the zebra grass would make fine replacement. Quick growing, perennial, can get cut to the ground for the winter so it won't interfere with snow shoveling. We'll see. I half expect that without my constant presence this week, that everything will either be stomped or pulled out by the time I get back.

Here's hoping I'm wrong...
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