Friday, July 31, 2009

Flowers at Home

OK, you know all about my zinnia obsession. Can't get enough of them. Buy them compulsively. Whether I need them or not. Buy way too many and have to take them home at the end of the week, sigh...such a shame...I know you feel bad for me, you want me to stop. You don't know how to tell me that I need to draw the line.

I drew the line.

I restrained myself this week, even though it's the FIRST week of zinnias, the first of just a few short weeks that they will be available, before they're gone, gone, gone until next year. I bought just a couple bunches for the shop. Do you know how hard that was??

But then I saw these little darlings!

And I bought them for me! How could I resist this dainty floral find? Zinnias the size of cherry tomatoes with the even tinier buds of blue forget-me-nots - wow! I have no urge to "arrange" flowers at home, so they're just stuffed into my Delft cream pitcher.

I have succumbed... me...

1 comment:

Flower Design Jane said...

I have a Zinnia passion too, love the image so fresh


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