Monday, July 20, 2009

Flowers at Home - Something Simple

When it comes to wedding centerpieces, we often hear the words "I just want something simple." Well, this certainly fits the bill. Here I have one stem of dahlias that had two blossoms with a few shells I had kicking around all floating in a bowl I usually keep fruit in. Pretty simple and simply pretty.

But if by "something simple" you mean "something inexpensive", then you need to make sure that's clear to your florist, because while not mutually exclusive they are not always the same thing.

If you were to buy something similar to the picture above from me, you'd be looking at a bowl that retailed for $25-30, about $7 worth of shells, 2 stems of dahlias (because we can't count on them to have 2 blossoms) for $3 each and a few bucks for me to assemble them for you. We're quickly at $40-45 for a couple flowers floating in a bowl.

Is that what you had in mind when you said simple?

Now for the DIY bride, this is the perfect low stress centerpiece! With plenty of advance planning, you could probably find fruit bowls or compotes for a budget friendly price as well as shells. Pre-order your dahlias (or gerbera or roses) from your local florist and pick them up the day before your wedding. Assemble everything on site, which with this design is much easier than packing and and schlepping this or almost any other type of centerpiece. Don't forget your watering can for easy filling!

The other thing I love about this design, is that in addition to weddings it's perfect for every day. I know with our economic times the way they currently are, many people think flowers are a luxury that they can do without. But with a bowl and some shells (or stones or marbles or sea glass...) that can be used over and over, and a couple of fresh blossoms from your neighborhood flower shop for a few bucks, you can still enjoy the beauty of flowers without feeling guilty!

What could be simpler? Or prettier?


Heather Taylor said...

GORGEOUS! I love this.

Sprout said...

Thanks! FYI, the starfish, or shells, it's hard to tell, make this smell like beach - and not in a good way! Wash them well. ;-)


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