Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding - Newport RI

Sorry for the lack of posts lately - I've had computer issues, Picasa (photo program) issues, internet provider issues. Bleh.

We've been doing tons of event work, but much of the time I've been getting there before the venue was ready for us and had to leave the flowers in boxes, or I've had to set up in the dark, or there just hasn't been time to snap any photos. It's been a busy spring!

But at last, things are coming together a little bit, and I'm backed up with posts. Finally!

Today I bring you a few photos from a wedding we did in Rhode Island this weekend. No time to photograph the wedding party flowers, time just evaporates when you have to factor in a 2 hour drive, missed road signs (it was foggy!), and stopping at the wrong hotel. Hey, it was nearly identical to its sister hotel across the road whose sign was hidden! The flowers did get there!

This venue had lovely ocean views with windows on three sides. Sadly, there were no lights on so these photos were the best of the bunch. We had half up and half down centerpieces. I was hoping for a photo that would capture that look for you, because it's a good option for folks who like to see flowers at every level, but it was not to be.

The cocktail area did have lights on, but we had to share a table temporarily with the dessert vendor as we were both pressed for space. Any how, bright colors sure made the very neutral room pop!
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