Thursday, June 4, 2009

Preservation Worcester House Tour - Worcester's Best

Preservation Worcester held its aptly titled "Worcester's Best" house tour last weekend and we were delighted to be asked to participate by creating a few pieces to add to the decor of some of the homes. This piece was in in the, ahem, formal foyer of one of the homes. Our charming tour greeter certainly knew how to dress for the occasion!

As close as I've ever gotten to creating a Flemish still life! Just needed a book, a magnifying glass, and a little beetle to finish off the display. ;-)

I have to say this was one arrangement that looked far better on location than it did in the shop. I wasn't too crazy about it at work, it seemed blah and kind of meh. But the lighting and colors in this space really brought it to life and it seemed like I must have had the carpet right under me while designing it.

No one knew what to call this tiered flower dish. Is it an epergne? We're not sure, but we decided that filled with flowers this definitely looked like some kind of wedding cake. I like when the home owner gives me the chance to play with something different.

And in the library on the leather coffee table, just a simple bowl with a few spare branches of tulip tree and a couple 'Athos' poms and stones to cover my mechanics. I'm not sure I've ever seen tulip tree as a cut flower before, and I was a little nervous about how well it would hold up. I purchased it on Wednesday and this pic was taken Sunday and I have to say that I am well impressed. I had no buds drop and in fact, many of the buds opened. I would definitely get this again!

From an elegant c.1900 mansion, to a more modern home. I did not get to see this house in advance, only got a bare bones description of it and some suggestions of what might work from a committee member via an email. Well, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the flowers went with the decor!

I was told they had contemporary art, including a red gas station Pegasus on one wall, but no one mentioned the Keith Haring pieces. This dark, back lit photo shows how a strong gesture can be just as important as color and texture in a floral arrangement. Who knew my wavy container and leaves would be right on with the Haring men's movements?! So cool!

View from the other side, here you can see the colors. This arrangement was made in 3 pieces - the black base, and two separate flower elements. I conceived the flowers placed differently than they are shown here, but the instructions I sent for set up were mislaid somewhere along the way and this is how the home owner placed them. And it still works!

BTW, the black base - a wooden wine rack. A very last minute (like 30 minutes prior to designing) inspiration. You never know what will grab you and give you the direction for an arrangement!


Bree said...

me likes the wooden wine rack arrangement...pretty cool there sprout =)

Tina Z said...

Awesome work, all round

Sprout said...

Thanks guys!


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