Saturday, June 27, 2009

DIY Bride

We have our first DIY wedding today, or at least the first on this scale. I'm sure we must have had one here or there before, but this bride needed flowers abundantly!

These quick shots are the "before" pictures of her flowers. (I hope she'll send me some "after" shots!) If you're DIY-ing it, your flowers are probably going to come in bunches much like you see here, so you're going to have to load up on buckets to keep them in until you're ready to use them.

Our bride picked up her blossoms yesterday - she was one of the most laid back brides I've ever worked with, which is certainly to her advantage. Doing your own flowers for a wedding can be rather stressful as everything is generally done only the day before, very last minute. I don't know, maybe she has a team of stressed out friends and family who are frantically putting flowers together while she calmly sips a cocktail and watches the beauty unfold!

Best wishes on your day Liz!
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Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

Can't wait to see her pictures! The laid back brides are always the best!

Sprout said...

They really are, aren't they? The folks who are relaxed get the best out of me!


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