Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All A-Twitter! Or...The Early Bird Gets to Tweet

Signed the shop up for Twitter, so you can follow us there. I'm not entirely sure what to do with it yet, especially since I'm limited to those 140 characters. I have a thing for punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc., but on Twitter it seems like you need to leave those things behind to make the best use of your tiny space. Sigh... not sure I can do that. I struggle with typing to begin with, you have no idea how many typos I generally have, so to give it all up to Twitter....sigh again...

Sorry there have been no more recent posts. I've been struggling with sleep lately. Actually, I always struggle with sleep, but more so this past week where I've been waking up at 3:30 - 4:00 with the birds and not able to sleep well after that. Damn city birds, they don't know it's still night! I actually read last year that urban birds can't compete with daytime city noises and will sing all night. Any how, that would all be OK, if I were a farmer and went to bed at 8:00pm, but I'm no farmer and I don't get to bed that early.

Back to Twitter! Another technology thing for me, the recovering Luddite, to learn! I want to figure out how to re-tweet, because I see some interesting flower tips with the folks I've started following.

I don't know, I might be too long winded for Twitter! Do you Twitter? What do you want to see on Twitter? What types of things would you like me to post about? Should I refer back to my blog posts or is that redundant? Is re-tweeting something just repetitive? Or is it that cool internet world wide web connectivity thing that we love?!

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Bree said...

ok, I'm not alone. So I signed up for twitter before someone decides they want my name(yeah right, hehe who would want Kuga right?)and I have no idea how to "tweet" I am too lazy to go and get instructions or follow someone. This week, someone started to follow me and I feel like a bad host because I haven't done a thing yet. What a let down, I know.

So umm, sprout? If you figure it out, can you teach me? lol!


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