Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prom Flowers 2009, One More Time

If you haven't ordered your flowers for this week's prom - you're late!

Now, I could have tried to say that nicer, sprinkled in a little "Sweetie, darling, you're a tad behind", but frankly I don't think I would have gotten your attention.

Unless you want the woman in your life (could be your date, could just as easily be mom - we've seen them all this year) to go all Promzilla, you need to hurry up and get that order in! If I need to order you anything special, I need to know by Tuesday afternoon because I go to the Boston Flower Market to get my flowers V-E-R-Y early Wednesday morning. After that, you get what you get.

And if your flowers MUST match a very super specific color, at the very least, come into the shop and look at our 50 ribbon swatches. Even better- bring in the dress for a perfect match.

One more tip, with a print dress, and there have been some wild and crazy ones this season, less is more. Don't try to get every color into the tiny wrist corsage. Pick one color, maybe two and keep it simple.

To review:
  1. Order NOW!
  2. For the best color match - come to the shop, bring the dress, pick out the ribbon
  3. Less is more when the dress is more - simple colors schemes look best on busy printed dresses
  4. Order NOW!

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