Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plant Quest - Heirloom Tomatoes

Every spring, Husband and I make a small expedition to this nursery in Sterling MA that specializes in antique plants to get a couple heirloom tomato plants. We're not vegetable growing experts or tomato snobs, we just love finding something completely unexpected!

They have tomatoes of every color and stripe! (Yes, we went for stripes this year, what the heck.) Look at the names - 'Black Prince', 'Tigerella, 'Chocolate Stripes', 'Bloody Butcher', 'Mortgage Lifter' - now there's one I'm sure a lot of folks could use right now! Don't you just want to see how they all turn out?! I have this fantasy where I get to name flowers and plants (oh, OK, and maybe lipstick and nail polish too) as my next career. That has to be someone's job, right? How fun!

We went with a 'Hillbilly' and a 'Plum Lemon' and we're going to give Husband's Mother a couple others that sounded cool, but that we have no room to grow, since we are limited to an 8' x 8' deck for growing.

If you're interested in making the trip - from Worcester MA, take exit 5 on rt. 190, drive north on rt. 140 and look for the sign above on the right about 1 mile after you pass the intersection of rt. 62 in Sterling. Rt. 140 goes back and forth between Sterling and Princeton several times, so don't get confused. They also generally have a cool selection of coleus plants in addition to the funky vegetables.
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