Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Do Not Have a Green Thumb

The phalaenopsis orchids that grow lots of lovely new leaves for me - but not more flowers...

...the French tarragon plant I gave Husband for Easter (yes, so he would grill me up some swordfish with fresh tarragon, completely selfish of me, I know)...

I have a degree in horticulture, but honestly, it's not my passion at home. Taking care of plants feels too much like work, and frankly, not what I want to do at home. Sure, I'd love an apartment filled with luscious foliage, but I need low maintenance, poor light loving, non-shedding, flexible about watering plants. The plants that fulfill those requirements for me are few - a sansevieria, a rhaphis palm, and a lemon lime dracena. Not my favorites by any stretch, but they just won't die!

I am tough - die on me once, you might get a second chance, but not a third. When customers are looking for houseplants, we try to assess whether they are lazy plant people or overly lovey-dovey plant people and what kind of light they have. Not going to sell the lazy person with South facing windows the corkscrew juncus. Now a succulent, that would be a better selection.

If a plant fails the two strikes and you're out test, it's either not the right plant for the way you garden or the conditions of your home or yard. Don't torture yourself trying to grow the same plant over and over, move along, find a plant that's a better fit. It's not going to change, you're not going to change. You'd have better luck trying to get a man to change! At least they can be motivated; a plant can't. ;-)
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Katie said...

thanks for commenting on my post for shelterrific! i've definitely done the orchid dance. i'm such a sucker, i don't know why i keep buying them! they look so beautiful at first but after the flowers drop off, they're just a stick with a few glossy leaves.

so far, my mnt is hanging in there :)


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