Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day... all the mothers out there and to my fellow florists! I hope your holiday was good enough to take today off and rest. Ours was decent and I'm pooped and my feet are still sore this morning. (I need new work shoes and all DSW has right now is sandals and more sandals!)

There are 5 stems of daisies left in the shop and I think that's it. I'm pleased I bought this well. Could we have sold more? Probably some, but we would have needed more help to do it and that has its own problems.

It seems like this is the time of the year when everything collides - mother's day, proms, graduations, weddings, corporate events, recitals, showers. I remember one May where all I wanted was for someone to change the sheets on my bed, because I was just too exhausted! (Pre-Husband, who keeps me in clean sheets and Jr. Motrin!)

Now I put more limits on what I say yes to. I just can't work 6:00 am to midnight or later any more. We're a tiny shop with me, one not quite full time design assistant and one part time delivery/customer service assistant and that's it. If there's any OT, it's all me. I don't bring in any extra help except the occasional delivery person because I'm really fussy about the quality of what goes out of our shop. You can't just throw someone in the shop the week of a holiday and expect them to keep up with our standards.

So when we say no, we can't help you, it's with deep regret, but know that it's because you deserve quality and we won't compromise on that.

Rest up folks! The flower season is in mid-swing!


Buna said...

My husband sent me flowers from your shop yesterday and they may be the most exquisite bouquet I have ever received. And that's saying a lot because he's been sending me flowers since we started dating, over 17 years ago! You certainly do pay attention to detail - thank you. Barb Brunzell - West Boylston.

Sprout said...

LOL - I must be really old if Andrea's "little" brother has been with someone for 17 years!

Glad you like the flowers! You made my day - Cathy

Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

I completely admire your thoughts on "extra help" Way to stick to your guns!


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