Monday, May 18, 2009

Floral Fashion

I'm sure you've heard of Fashion Week in New York City. Well, last week was Pollen Week! OK, not really, but there was an evening which brought flowers and fashion together for a fundraiser for Village Care New York.

"The headdresses, each with their own themes, styles and inspirations, were floral masterpieces in height and length, some towering over four feet high and others spanning the same in width. Creativity was in full bloom with designs that included a fantasy bird's nest with eggs, a Greco-Roman Cleopatra hair style, a floppy "over the top" brim hat made of roses, and a Napoleon hat."

Check these headdresses out!

My favorite, by far! I might need to do something like this for Worcester's Cirque du Noir! Is there a Cirque 2009 in the works Michelle? ;-)

A beachy look!

Dress? What dress?!

A tip of the hat to all!


skowood said...

YEZZZZZZZZZZ, these are fantastic!! I'm a local jeweler and after seeing your lovely prom creations and now these photos I'm wondering about a collaboration?!!! Anyway you should definitely do something for Cirque du Noir if they hold that again this year!!!


Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

Amazing!!! Nichole and I wore fresh floral hats for our Botanical Garden Fair last year. They weighed a ton!
These definitely put ours to shame...

Sprout said...

I noticed a lot of the models were hlding on to the hats - do you think they do special neck exercises in preparation?!

I think there could be a jewelry/flower/fashion collaboration of some kind in the future...!

Michelle May said...

OH YES, Cirque is coming back for it's 2nd year! We just can't wait. get those ideas flowing early for some really great costumes! For now you can tune your creativity up a couple notches at the 1st Pecha Kucha Night Worcester on June fun not miss. you will be on fire with ideas for weeks!

RWK said...

Like Sprout, I'm a florist as well and a member of AIFD. I've done headdresses similar to what she has shown here.

The weight of a headdress is NOT carried on the head or neck.....surprise.....How is it supported then you might ask.

There is a fiberglass helmet that fits over the head, attached to a metal frame, that follows the curvature of the models head,neck, back and hips that ends in a metal paddle ... looks kind of like a flat spade shovel.

This paddle slips into a special pocket sewn into a type of corset/girdle that has boning and stays for back support and the paddle is strapped in.

So the weight is actually carried on the hips/lower back area. Also, headdresses are surprising lightweight for all their size....official headdress rules dictate that a finshed, complete headdress with florals can weigh no more than 35 pounds fully finished and complete......most though that I have done come well under that limitation.

Thought you all might like to know a little trade secret of sorts.


Sprout said...

Ricky - That is AMAZING! You would certainly never know to look at them that there was such a support structure underneath. I love the idea of beauty with a tough as nails interior!


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