Monday, May 4, 2009

Art in Bloom 2009 - Museum of Fine Arts Boston

My assistant, Francoise, and I went to the MFA this week for the 2009 Art In Bloom. I'm going to try to give you a small taste of what we saw. The whole day was rush, rush, so don't think of these photos as comprehensive, just a sampling. Sorry it took so long to get this post up, but I was so busy all week long and just didn't have the couple hours this took to do until now.

Started taking photos before I could find a guide book to buy. Looked and looked, but never saw one. Never saw anyone else with one either. Since we went on the last day, perhaps they had sold out? Anyhow, without the guide book I realized I needed to photograph the labels on the arrangements or I would never remember who did what. Sadly, I didn't always remember to do that, so sorry if I don't give credit where it is due.

This spare piece is by the Greenleaf Garden Club of Milford MA. I love this clean, bright interpretation of such an old piece. And the freesias held up with wire to suggest the flying birds might have seemed contrived, but worked remarkably well.

Camel - The Thursday Garden Club of Sudbury (MA). Lovely subtle color palette here and a nice twist on classic style.

Sarcophagus for Sharira - The Winchester Home and Garden Club, Winchester MA. What do you do with a brown box?! Well, maybe you look for gesture and rhythm. :-)

Statue of Prince Khuenre as a Scribe - Norwell Garden Club, Norwell MA.

Coffin of Menqabu - New Meadows Garden Club, Topsfield MA. Another box! This interpretation seems to suggest place with the material choices and the interesting hieroglyphics on the side of the coffin with a myriad of textures.

Detail of what lies beneath all those bound branches - look at all those hypericum berries and the sunflowers with their petals removed!

Palm-Capital Column - Wayland Garden Club, Wayland MA. It's always interesting to see what a designer will do with an artwork that doesn't have any variety in its colors. These designers decided not to worry about the neutral colors, but focus on the strong columnar shape and the intricate details of the carvings.

Detail of all the lovely textures.

Cat on a Column - Beth Shalom Garden Club, Needham MA. Striking piece! So glad they went bold with the color - imagine if they had decided to go with the black/bronze, particularly against the dark wall? So much better this way!

The biggest problem I had with this year's Art in Bloom were the tour groups. We've had "run ins" with them before with guides making remarks about how we had to leave because they had a tour coming through, but this year, there were so-o-o many tour groups, I can't even tell you how many works we missed because we couldn't get anywhere near them.

In the case of the photos above, this was the best of the many photos I tried to take, but as you can see guides and heads dominated.

In one gallery, there were three tour groups all for one piece! One group getting the tour and two more queued up and waiting - forget it!

Even the protective services staff were in on the whole flower thing!

Ceres Begging for Jupiter's Thunderbolt After the Kidnapping of her Daughter Persephone - Reading Garden Club, Reading MA. I know when we go to these types of floral events, we're hoping to see something edgy and avante garde, but sometimes a classic artwork calls for a classic interpretation like this one.

The crescent shape is one of the first design shapes we learn, and then seldom use after, but isn't it perfect here with the gesture of Persephone's arms?!

Detail featuring the classic triad of Renaissance colors.

A Hypochondriac - The Lexington Field and Garden Club, Lexington MA. A vibrant and expressive piece.

Morning on the Seine Near Giverny - Weston Garden Club, Weston MA. Can't believe I managed to get this photo as this was the room with the three tours!

I like that these designers didn't do a straight up representation of the landscape, but looked for forms, all those soft, rounded trees, with the rounded groupings of flowers, and the Italian ruscus suggesting the texture of the weeping tree branches. And of course, the colors are spot on!

Classic Back - Cohasset Garden Club, Cohasset MA. Elegant form in stark white.

Sinead O'Connor, Malibu - Newburyport Garden Club, Newburyport MA. This was, I think, my favorite! I really love the minimal simplicity of this design and how it suggests the forms and textures in the photo without being too literal.

Detail - not easy to photograph, but there were only 3 ingredients, roses, one phalaenopsis orchid, and black pussy willow. Spare but striking!

Footprints of the Buddha - Danvers Garden Club, Danvers MA. Because of my viewing angle, I couldn't always get the artwork and the floral piece in the same photo, so imagine these two pictures side by side.

Split Second - Holliston Garden Club, Holliston MA. Another favorite - love the undulating gestures! You can't see in the photo, but the structure of the arrangement is black rain downspouts! Brilliant! I must remember this...

A couple pieces through the museum by professional designers.

Endlessly Repeating Twentieth Century Modernism - Worcester Garden Club. And last, but certainly not least - the home team - the Worcester Garden Club! This is one of those that was nearly impossible to photograph with the artwork.

What you can't see in the photo above is that the black line going vertically down the center is where two mirrors meet at an angle, reflecting the callas.

In the distance, you can begin to see the artwork that goes with this piece...

...and here is just a section of the art. Now imagine the flowers in closer proximity and how well conceptualized it is. Arlene and Ulrike are an unstoppably imaginative team! Brava!


Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

Droooool- I am wiping the drool for my mouth- how amazing I am definitely going to have to revisit this post when I'm not half asleep. You're so lucky to have gone!

Debby said...

Thank you for sharing

Flowerdiva said...

Thanks for sharing! Amazing work shown there.

All you Boston flower lovers--The American Institute of Floral Design will be hitting your fair city in July of 2010.

Sprout said...

I just told Husband today that we'd be spending next 4th of July in Boston!!!


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