Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prom Flower Trend

This is the trend we've noticed -

The boy doesn't order the flowers any more.
His mother does.
By phone.

No opportunity to customize or personalize the flowers. All the information we get about the girl is "the dress is pink". Nothing about her personality or style or taste. We don't know if she's Paris Hilton's BFF who would love some bling or an earthy eco-girl who wants something recycled with a small carbon footprint.

(And don't even get me going about how the mom also picks the flowers up and pays for them.)


Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

We get a a lot of moms bringing their sons in and picking out every last detail, the cuff, ribbon, flowers, accents... everything!

Sprout said...

I just want a little more input about the person who's going to receive the flowers...we have so many ideas of how to make the flowers more personal!


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