Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Inspiration can strike in unlikely ways - a color, a mood, a fabric, a sunrise - and today inspiration came in the form of this awesome turquoise and agate necklace that a friend gave me last week for my birthday!

I wasn't trying to do a literal translation of necklace to flowers, but use the necklace as a jumping off point. The natural materials and earthy colors said woodland to me, so I chose myriad shades of green with Australian umbrella fern, green spider mums, 'Jade' trachellium, grevillea, and string of pearls. (OK, the string of pearls was a little more literal, but with a wink!)

And while there's no purple in the necklace, I thought the anemones and the helleborus were the perfect complement color-wise and woodsy-wise.

This container was a real find! The form is right on with the rounded rectangle shape found in the beads, the blueish green glaze hinting at the turquoise and the crackle texture playing off the veining in the stones. And sorry, string of pearls with string of beads! Wink!

Helleborus often have olive green to plum colored blossoms on one stem, making them especially interesting. And I love the smattering of freckles!
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