Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fresh From the Flower Market


Boronia, boronia boronia!!!! Yes, I'm very excited! Boronia is one of my most favorite seasonal flowers. To start with it has the most brilliant fuchsia color. I love fuchsia. :-) And then there's this most wonderful fragrance, kind of sweet and perfumes the shop. The oils are used in foods to enhance fruity flavors. Then there's the texture - like a heather on steroids. It looks so fantastic with all the other springy flowers.

And lastly, is the brief season of availability. I find I truly love the flowers most who aren't available all year round. The sweet anticipation of a bloom in season!

A few fragrant purple (not as blue as this photo) sweet peas...

...and some yummy double lilacs from California. More good scents!

In addition, we also have this week:

aster novi belgii
matsumoto aster
rainbow aster
novelty daffodils
orange mokara orchids
phlox - magenta and white
'Sweet Unique' roses
wax flower
feather fern
iris - blue and two toned blue stripe (only in the spring)
green trachellium
heather (but who cares about that, now that boronia is in season?!)
green spiders
bells of Ireland
'Athos' poms
hydrangea - white and medium blue
hypericum - red and coral
kangaroo paw
'Ambon' lily - Holland
freesia - California
orange eremurus - Holland
blue green fall hydrangea - New Zealand (where it's fall)
large coral callas
helleborus - Holland
anemone - New York
tulips - Holland
'Bluebell' eryngium
ornithogalum dubium
forsythia - Holland
ranunculus - France
spray roses
nerine - California
umbrella fern
dendrobium orchids
king protea
pincushion protea

I was thinking this list is going to be really short today, as the flower market was really lacking in selection today - trucks from Florida and Canada were late, a plane also was late - but I think I made out pretty well!
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Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

That boronia is lovely! We were able to get some deep plum boronia in- first time we've seen it! Love the blog!

Sprout said...

Have you seen it in a lime-green-yellow?!

Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

I've never seen the lime-green-yellow, but would love to!


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