Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Cost of Wedding Flowers

We’ve observed that even with our wedding flower prices readily available, and even with folks being ever so much more budget aware, brides are still caught off guard by the price of their wedding flowers.

A bride called recently wanting to know if there was any wiggle room in our pricing as she had eight bridesmaids. The smart mouth me wanted to say, wasn’t it obvious that 8 maids’ flowers would cost more than say 3 maids’ flowers, but I refrained.

The truth is, there is wiggle room, but we need you to wiggle back. There are values to be found, but it usually means not committing to specific flower varieties, as that allows me to play the market and choose flowers that are the best value the week of your wedding. It means not being a flower snob – those burnt orange mini callas you so love almost triple in price the month of October. Do you still love them now? It can also mean incorporating greenery into the maids’ bouquets, and not having that flower on flower look.

Say it with me – flowers in abundance cost more.

I’ve priced out some of the centerpieces you see in bridal magazines - $200, $400, $1000+! No exaggeration. Even the simplest looks from a magazine are beyond the budgets of most.

Say it with me – flowers in abundance cost more.

If you have 200 hundred guests and you decide to seat them 8 to a table, as opposed to 10 at a table, you have just gone from 20 centerpieces to 25, an increase of 25%! Honestly, I hate to be crowded as much as the next guy at a party, but you need to take into consideration what that does to your flower budget. I sometimes think people fail to do the math – 8 maids > 3 maids or 25 centerpieces > 20 centerpieces.

Say it with me – flowers in abundance cost more.

More to come on wedding flower pricing in another post!


Cathy R said...

Cathy -

Your post is on-target and terrific! All we professional florists are doing a lot of wiggling to accommodate brides and their budgets.

Thanks for your entertaining, and so-really-true comments.


Sprout said...

I think smart, sophisticated flowers can be had in almost all price ranges, but folks need to be open minded.

Oddly, I find my corporate clients to be way more flexible than brides. Perhaps because when it's business, no one's dreams are crushed by the budget...

Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

What a refreshingly honest post! It's so true, you hate to crush what they had in mind but when you know you could create a look as cool if not better for less money you wish they would just trust you. Why is it always the callas!?!? =)

Kristin Wolter-Canfield said...

I recently saw a post on facebook from a photographer friend that broke down all the work it REALLY takes for a two hour session. People think that the photographer is getting 100 bucks an hour. So not true. The same is for florists. People think it is so easy to just plop a bunch of flowers into a vase, why does it cost so much? The fail to see that you have to go to the market, pick the flowers, prepare and condition them, blah blah blah...I am preaching to the choir aren't I!?

Sprout said...

I'm working on another post that touches on more of these issues!

Sing, choir, sing!

And I refuse to "just stick them in a vase" as some customers have requested.

Sprout said...

PS Would love to see that photog's post about the breakdown of work!


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