Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Great Tulip Experiment - Day 7

OK, I know it's not easy to see in these photos, but the foliage on all of the tulips is pretty lousy now - yellow and limp on the two vases of purple tulips, and yellow tipped and moldy on the pink ones.

The only blossoms that look good right now are on Vase 3 - the purple grocery store tulips. The others are getting quite crispy around the edges.

Well, folks I don't know what to tell you, I'm sorely disappointed in Vase 2 - the expensive tulips from my shop. It was pointed out in a comment on the previous post that my test was very unscientific and there are many variables that could account for how well the various tulips did. I agree, it was decidedly unscientific with many things beyond my control which could contribute to the quality of the tulips. But, I was trying to think like a consumer, who isn't going to care about such stuff, but will remember whether their flowers lasted and whether they were a good value.

It's trash day tomorrow, so this will be the last tulip post, but I'd like to leave you with Jeff's comments, which lifted my spirits tremendously!

"I would never buy supermarket flowers, myself, no matter how long anyone might "prove" that they might last, though. It's not the longevity that matters with flowers. It's the thought that counts, and if a man buys flowers for his sweetheart at the supermarket, they have failed to put any thought into it at all!"

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Kristin Wolter-Canfield said...

Wow! I hope Jeff's sweetheart is aware of how nice he is!

Claudia Snell said...

I like Jeff's comment - so true.

ALSO - Flowers from Sprout are so much more than just a handful of flowers wrapped in some form or paper/plastic.

You guys make the most amazing arrangements. They are creative, unique and special, every single time.

NO grocery store does that. In fact, there are scarce few florists anywhere that take that kind of care when creating things for their customers.


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