Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Great Tulip Experiment - Day 6

This morning I gave all the tulips a fresh cut and all new water instead of just topping off. No flower food for anyone this time as I didn't happen to any more left in the house. (Frankly, and as a professional I shouldn't tell you this, but I never bother to use any on the flowers I take home. It feels too much like work.)

Vase 1 - Pink grocery store tulips - leaves still hanging in there and are more yellow than you can tell in this photo. The blossoms are holding but have a lot of that lavender-blue tint that is a sign of age.

Vase 2 - Extra Grade tulips from my shop - yuck - not looking good at all. Foliage is weak and pale, blossoms are getting dried out and even on the purple petals I can see the blue tinge of death.

Vase 3 - purple tulips from the grocery store - foliage is pretty icky at this point, but the blooms still look good to me, no dryness.

Aaaarrrgghh! I am so-o-o disappointed in the tulips from my shop. Utterly embarrassed. I frankly expected better than this from them, not only for the price, but I had taken old tulips home from the shop that still looked amazing after 8 days and I expected the same from these.
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Jeff Barnard said...

Strictly speaking, there are scientific control factors missing from your experiment.

1. The differences in the color variety may also include an inherent longevity factor that varies, after cutting.

2. The point in time when each of the three flower groups were actually cut from their original growing spot could be as much as a week apart.

3. Unknown growing conditions, such as different chemical additives to soil, hybrid modifications, etc. can all make these results vary wildly.

I would never buy supermarket flowers, myself, no matter how long anyone might "prove" that they might last, though. It's not the longevity that matters with flowers. It's the thought that counts, and if a man buys flowers for his sweetheart at the supermarket, they have failed to put any thought into it at all!

Sprout said...

I could kiss you!

But then husband would put you on a list...!


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