Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Great Tulip Experiment - Day 4

Sorry folks, I was out and about most of the day, so this photo was taken in evening light and not too great.

Vase 1 - Pink grocery store tulips with flower food. Blossoms have a bit more of the bluish tinge of age on the edge of the petals. Leaves still look good. Now that the blossoms are more open I can see that they aren't truly peony type tulips like I had originally thought which would have been pretty cool coming from the grocery store. Most of them have the standard 6 petals, and only a few have another row, never mind all the extra petals the peony types have.

Vase 2 - Purple Extra Grade tulips from my shop with flower food. Blossoms look nice, not showing dryness or blue tone of aging yet. Foliage is starting to look a little chlorotic though, starting to fade a bit.

Vase 3 - Purple grocery store tulips without flower food the way they came. Blossoms are completely open, but holding, no signs of dryness. That dry papery quality is one of the things I look for in a tulip to tell if it's old. Foliage is sagging a bit more and the tips on some are turning yellow.

Over all I'm still liking all the tulips about equally. They're all still drinking water which is good. Husband has threatened to put bleach in the grocery store vases because he doesn't want me to look bad! I may have to put some kind of alarm on them. ;-)
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4rilla said...

I'm enjoying the tulip experiment. I smell a whole series!

Sprout said...

Oooh! A series, I didn't think of that...something to consider though!


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