Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Great Tulip Experiment - Day 3

Left to right - Vase 1 - pink grocery store tulips with flower food, Vase 2 - large purple tulips from my shop with flower food, Vase 3 - purple grocery store tulips without flower food the way they came.

The experiment continues! You can see all the tulips are still drinking water, especially Vase 2, check out the water level. I'm going to top them off after I post. A couple floppy leaves on Vase 2 today and even more floppy leaves on Vase 3. Flowers on Vase 2 & 3 still look good; they've gotten larger and have opened enough that I can see into the center.

Flowers on Vase 1 have the barely perceptible signs of turning blue at the top center edge of the petals. You really can't perceive it in these photos unless you know to look for it. That bluish tinge is usually the sign on some flowers, like tulips and roses, that they are past prime and are aging. Foliage still going strong.

More tomorrow!
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