Friday, March 13, 2009

The Great Tulip Experiment - Day 2

Left to right - Vase 1 - pink tulips from grocery store with flower food, Vase 2 - big purple tulips from my shop with flower food, and Vase 3 - smaller purple tulips from grocery store without flower food the way they came.

So far, so good. All of the tulips look fine, good green color on stems and leaves, everything firm, no dry edges on the petals, they're all drinking water. I'll probably have to top them off tomorrow. All of them look a bit straighter, especially the purple ones from the grocery store which had quite a bend on them yesterday, and they all are a bit taller. Tulips stems continue to lengthen after they've been cut. Cell elongation.

Husband thinks I should have waited to blog this if I have success with the tulips I sell, but I think this will be far more fun! Who knows, I may be wrong? A learning experience for me as well as you. :-)
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