Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fresh From the Flower Market

Gentle shades of pink - stock, snapdragon, lisianthus.

Australian umbrella fern and livistonia leaves.

I'm fairly obsessed with big tropical leaves! They make think of warmer days to come. :-)

In addition, we also have:

ginger, red
light green spiders
coontie fern
brunia albiflora
'Ivanhoe' grevillea
tulips - lily flowered, Holland
'Ad Rem's Beauty', Holland
extra tall from New Jersey
matsumoto aster - lavender, pink
lisianthus, Israel
campanula - purple, California
stock - California
iris - yellow, California
kangaroo paw - yellow
'Conca d'Or' lily
sunflower - solid yellow
alstroemeria - purple, red
aster novi belgii
dendrobium orchids - purple
oncidium orchids
leucodendron 'Jester'
roses - pink, 'Gelosia' - yellow
snapdragon - local, pink and yellow
'Jade' trachellium
feather fern
horsetail rush
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