Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bloggety Blogness - Or All Full of Myself Today

So as a recovering Luddite, computers and the internet and the webby connectedness of things continues to astound me nearly every day. I'm amazed and afraid. My world has grown larger and smaller because of it. I alternately love it and hate it.

Today I love it! Today is the day I got linked to on Wormtown Taxi! Somewhere around a year ago, I realized that the websites I kept returning to were mostly blogs. Wormtown Taxi was one of those blogs that inspired me to create one for Sprout, so it thrills me no end to be linked to on his site!

And since I'm talking bloggy things here, the little part of me that is full of myself today wants to tell you that for the past month our little site has consistently had over 1000 unique visitors. I know this is not an earth shattering number in the webby world, but for me it's huge, as that's like having 1000 visitors to my store. Now, I know some of you are people hoping you found a florist in Worcester England, but still, the majority of you were looking for Sprout, right here in Worcester Mass! (Thank you Duncan for telling me about this analytics stuff!)

And lastly, for the past month, our site has been consistently on the first page of Google searches under "Worcester florists". Not too shabby if I do say so myself for a tiny little florist. :-)

Thank you all! XOXO


cascadingwaters said...

Congratulations! And I didn't realize that you were blogging until Jeff posted, so here's another mark up on the analytics for you!

cascadingwaters said...

Congratulations! And I had no idea that you were blogging as well until I saw Jeff's post (that will help your analytics measurements!). Good for you!

Sprout said...

I know! How cool is that?!


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