Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Flora in Winter!

The Virgin and Child, Bartolomeo Montagna, Sarah Ribeiro designer. Lovely semi-diagonal movement in the arrangement complementing that of the painting.

Some arrangements deteriorate over the span of the 4 day event (although I have to say that the committee does an amazing job of maintaining the flowers early every morning!), and some arrangements develop. This is a good example of flowers developing. Notice how the lilies are just starting to open in the first of these photos which was taken Thursday evening, and in the second photo which was taken Sunday afternoon, they have opened fully.

Another thing to appreciate here is how the designer's container pairs so well with the artwork. Well, this is no accident, as the Sarah used her pottery skills to create the container as well as the flowers! Brava!

Flowers all aglow by the Plant Bazaar!

One of a pair of pieces at the Salisbury Street entrance done by us, Sprout.

Outer Robe for an Akahime (Red Princess ) Role in a Japanese Kabuki Theater Performance, Japanese, Kae Collins designer.

Amazing work here by Kae! I love this artwork, it was my second choice (I got my first choice - insert smiley face!) and I'm so glad she got to do the interpretation. Love, love, love all the great textures, especially the Australian curly pine - mmmmm....!

The back of Kae's head - you gotta match your piece!

Child's Mummy Case, Egyptian, Kathy Michie designer. We all decided that this was a really strong solution to a difficult piece. Another designer might have focused on the flatness of the surface, but Kathie saw not only the strong horizontal form, but the amazing amount of detail and color on the mummy case.

This is my piece - Nude, Marguerite Zorach, Cathy Walsh designer. I've always loved this piece at the museum, I see my hips in hers! I'm all about the zaftig here, ripe, voluptuous. I didn't want to do an arrangement where flower #1 is her head, flower #2 is her arm, and so on. I just wanted to convey a feminine, voluptuous, sexy quality. Events like Flora are often where we get to show off our fancy techniques and tricks, but this painting is so straight forward, so nothing tricky here. Uncontrived, naked, flowers!

Another challenging painting! Storm at Sea, William van de Velde the Younger, Mary Fletcher designer. Not much in the way of color here to work with, but Mary really captured the mood of the piece with her restrained use of materials. Love how the curly willow echos the jagged highlights on the clouds and don't get me going about the fabulous xanadu leaf under the water!

Chess Players, James Northcote, Sally Jablonski designer. Loved this whimsical piece by Sally! The graphic black and white blooms punctuated by shots of green. And while it doesn't show up well in my photos, the eggplant tones totally pick up the plum colored jacket on the chess player to the left.

How fun is this?! And it's not until you get up close that you can see the delightful detail of the the white gerbera having black centers. :-)

I wish I could have gotten photos of every piece up on the blog, but I'm not the greatest photographer and some photos just didn't come out, and with the crowds it was nigh impossible to get a good shot of some of the arrangements.

All in all, it was a very good show all around. It's really gratifying to see everyone's work improve from year to year and of course show off our fabulous Worcester Art Museum!

You've got to have art! And flowers!


Michelle May said...

Cathy, You are a true gem. So stunningly creative and always so thoughtful. Contgratulations on the show. Thank you for an amazing and inspirational post. The sushi was genius.


Adoniram said...

Wow, fantastic arrangements Kathy. How long were / are they in the museum?

Sprout said...

Thanks M & A! This is truly my two favorite things, art and flowers, combined into one event. If only I could get chocolate worked into it some would then be perfect!

The flowers in the galleries were up last weekend for 4 days, but there is probably mouldering "sushi" still in the restrooms, as WAM was nice enough to let me come clean up this week, since last week was rather a busy one.


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