Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mass Hort BLOOMS!

"The goal of BLOOMS! is to inspire the public to become Mass Hort members, supporters, and volunteers, while we dazzle them the beauty of nature and the creativity of the designers, and welcome Spring!

BLOOMS! is the answer to the public outcry of “We have to have a Flower Show!” In the tradition of celebrating the arrival of Spring in Boston, Mass Hort sought partners with the building management of 125 High Street, One International Place and InterContinental Boston, South Station as well as Simon Malls at Copley Place, The Mall at Chestnut Hill and Atrium Mall, who have graciously offered Mass Hort their spaces. Exhibitors have offered their beautiful displays to Mass Hort.

2009 has been a year of unwelcome surprises: in 2008, Mass Hort discovered internal mismanagement and cash shortfalls, requiring restructuring and lay offs. Attempting to create cash by selling some unused but rare books, Mass Hort was disappointed with the results of the Sotheby’s Auction. With high energy costs, and a down economy, Mass Hort canceled the NE Spring Flower Show 2009. The dire economic climate which affects many, has exacerbated the Mass Hort situation.

BLOOMS! is an exhibit based on volunteers and in-kind donations.
The goal is to bring Mass Hort and horticulture to the public; and to have the public support Mass Hort!

“BLOOMS!” will be open to the public in Boston March 13th-15th in the marble lobbies of International Place, 125 High Street and The InterContinental Boston, and South Station abutting The Massachusetts Horticultural Society Greenway Gardens.
Simon Malls at Copley Place, The Mall at Chestnut Hill and Atrium Mall, will host landscape displays from March 12-22, 2009.
Free and Open to the Public."

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