Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fresh From the Flower Market

A couple of nifty things this week kids! The above is a baby heliconia, just like those jumbo ones we used at the museum a couple weeks ago, but small and slender, only about 15" tall (as opposed to the monster ones at 5 feet!). Really cute!

And something I've never seen before called Fabiana from Holland. Not too tall, about 10-12" or so, with these strange club-like flowers that bear a strong resemblance to branch coral. I've done some searching on line to tell you more about it, but unfortunately can't find anything about it out there. I'm thinking the name they gave it is wrong. The only fabiana I can find is Fabiana imbricata, which is a mock heath, i.e. looks a lot like heather. This does not look like heather!

Please leave a comment if anyone out there knows what it's really called. I'll enjoy it regardless. ;-)

Anyhow, in addition, we also have this week:

mokara orchids
james storeii orchids
flowering quince
novelty daffodils
double lisianthus - purple with white
orange oncidium orchids
tiger oncidium orchids
gerbera - Canada, magenta and orange
ornithogalum arabicum - I still have never heard this referred to by any common name, but while searching on the web, I found this article that refers to it as "Arab Eyes". Probably not a very PC name, but some really beautiful macro pictures of all the arabicum cultivars! Check them out!
pincushion protea
umbrella fern - Australia
ginger - Costa Rica
rainbow asters
volkerfrieden delphinium
dendrobium orchids
hypericum berries
kangaroo paw - yellow and pink
"Circus" rose
snapdragon - local
'Jade' trachellium
bells of Ireland
bird of paradise
asiatic lily - California, orange
light green spiders
tri-color flax - New Zealand
blue hydrangea - New Zealand
waxflower - California, white
camelia foliage
holly fern
freesia - California, white and yellow
anemone - California
plum branches - California

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