Friday, February 6, 2009

Flora in Winter - Restrooms at Worcester Art Museum

So, as some of you may know, we're kind of "known" for doing the flowers in the restrooms during Flora in Winter. It started out as the only space we could afford to do back when the museum charged for the privilege of displaying flowers.

They've since stopped charging the professional florists, quickly boosting the number of florists who participate, but we hung onto the restrooms. It became "Sprout's", and when at the museum, it's fun overhearing folks asking if they've been to the bathrooms yet! We get more positive feedback from putting flowers near toilets, than any other thing I do all year long!

This year, in keeping with our Flora display at Tower Hill, we have gone with an Chinese/Lunar New Year theme. The ladies' rooms are all decked out with butterflies in flowering quince (harbingers of spring, we hope?), roses, orchids, tulips, stock, and anemones in very girly shades of pink, coral, peach, orange, and raspberry.

Paper hand fans finish the look!

In the men's rooms, we went with Chinese take out - "Kung Pow!" Sushi, soy sauce, and rice bowl.

Care for some sushi? How fun is this?!

And flowers can show up where you least expect them. :-)
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