Monday, February 16, 2009

Flora in Winter Demonstration

Just a few quick notes on my Flora in Winter demonstration from last week!

Thought you might enjoy this picture of Jason and Francoise doing some of the prep work for the talk. Sometimes a florist's tool kit includes power tools!

No pictures during the demo, since I was doing the talking for a change. ;-) But here's a quick look at my audience, taken at the end of the program - thank you all so much for coming! It was a thrill to have such an attentive crowd.

And here is my fabulous assistant, Francoise, "modeling" the bridal bouquet finale piece. The raffia armature was pre-made before the show, as I didn't think folks would want to watch me wrap raffia around wire for an hour. The bouquet features 'Finesse' roses and umbrella fern from Australia.

I was so worried about having enough material prepared to fill up two hours, that it came as a complete surprise when the time had passed and I still had a couple items I didn't get to do!

Will have to save those for next year???
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